July 30, 2015

Workshop Clearance

We are well placed to help dispose of tools, equipment and models to enthusiasts in the world of model engineering and would be pleased to help with workshop clearance and sales if required.

Email : enquiries@edinburgh-sme.org.uk

As an example, a recent collection included the following :-

Workshop Clearance

In this instance, the Society was offered the entire collection, with the exception of a Harrison lathe.  The relatives wished the removal of ALL the tools and equipment much of which had no real commercial value.  It took five days to clear the workshop and a garage by a small number of our members.  The Society was able to generate some funds on the sale of scrap, recycling and through our own Club Auction.  Larger machines have been safely stored pending the build of our new machine shop at our new site at Almondell.

The relatives were delighted with our service and wrote to say:

Dear Peter and Stan

I wanted to write to thank you and your friends in the ESME for the hard work you put in on dad’s workshop in Balerno. I know that everyone from your Society who was involved, did a tremendous job for our family and really went beyond what was needed by taking stuff to the recycling etc as well as the technical challenge of getting dad’s machine tools into small enough packages to be uplifted!

I hope you’ve been able to get the machines safely into storage, or distributed to your members as needed. My son Duncan and I are looking into re-commissioning the Harrison lathe soon, and we’ll make contact again when we need some help with that!

Thanks again – your help really was most appreciated. The house has now been successfully sold and it would have been much more difficult for us as a family if we’d not had your help at that time just before Christmas.

With best regards and wishing your society all success,

Yours sincerely,

Bill McDiarmid


Model Collections

“Rob Roy”  built circa 1990, from scratch by the late David McGinnes of Glasgow and donated to the Society by his daughter, Ann Anderson of Penicuik.  Her wish is that the model should be seen and used by members of the Society as her father would have wished.

These photographs show it on the track at Newliston.






In addition David built this model of a paddle steamer and two stationary engines with boilers (not illustrated) suitable for steam boats which Ann has donated.






Other collections have included

DSC_0062                            DSC_0047

DSC_0763 DSC_0730

DSC_0727                            DSC_0728





Tools we are unable to use ourselves or find a home with a model engineer we pass on to UK charities for use in deprived areas overseas.


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