March 30, 2020

Keeping In Touch

The different activities of our hobby, as we have known it, are currently on hold as we defend ourselves from the Co-Vid19 pandemic.  This significant change is vital if we are to reduce the impact on our Society in the long term.  This does mean that the we are pursuing our hobby alone in our workshops & houses unable to get together to share ideas, solve problems, show or demonstrate our achievements to others in our club.

Social media & various online forums go part way towards fulfilling contact with the outside World, but the disadvantage of this as far as ESME is concerned is that not every member is in the same groups & forums!

Enter stage left the ESME website.  The website will be updated as usual (well, at least whilst the administrator is still standing) with members activities which they may wish to share with others.

The usual terms & conditions apply for submitted items.

ESME wish our members all the best during this time & look forward to the day we can resume our hobby in the public domain.  Until then, stay safe.

Time On Hold

2019 AGM

2019 Members Day

2019 Working Party

2019 School Project

2019 Club Visit

2019 Teamwork

Until we meet again