November 8, 2020

ESME – Post 2014….

Some said our plans were impossible,

but to others the word said I’m Possible!

Since the aquisition of the freehold of the 11 acre site at Almondell by the Edinburgh Society of Model Engineers, the Society has probably undergone its greatest development since being founded in 1894!

The news pages on the website try to keep up with these developments, but with so much going on it becomes difficult to keep track of progress.  However, rather than delete all the entries, some of the more memorable moments have been transferred into our ‘Post – 2014’ section.

If you were involved in these events, enjoy the memories.  If you are a visitor to the site then perhaps it helps you to appreciate all the efforts by the few.


Something Big Is Coming To Edinburgh                                Drone video taken in December 2017

Final Closue Of Newliston                                                         Articles & photographs of our exit from Newliston

AMEC Galleries                                                                           Photo articles illustrating the development of Almondell

Club Galleries                                                                              Articles recording our club running at Newliston

Heritage Centre & Museum News                                          Articles recording the erection of the building