Machining ‘Big Ben’…..

Well, if that hasn’t grabbed your attention…..!  When Dave S’s email dropped into the News Desk inbox with the same title, I was intrigued.  I knew that the bell was being refurbished, I know that Dave has capacity in his workshop for large engineering, but this?  Surely not…. ‘The dome for ‘Dholphur’ which I had Read more about Machining ‘Big Ben’…..[…]

Necessity Is The Mother Of Invention…..

No, the Bathgate Locomotive Works manager has not thrown a tantrum!  When one doesn’t own, or have access to, a set of bending rolls then lateral thinking comes into play. The fallplate below the smokebox has two curves. The following show the evolution of the two curves:                 Read more about Necessity Is The Mother Of Invention…..[…]

Reversing Lever Et Al……

The Bathgate Locomotive Works are on overtime.  As the lockdown continues, the midnight oil is being burnt with a vengeance and progress with ‘Maude’ continues apace. Had fun making this. Not finished yet as it has still to be tapered towards the handle. I decided to make it 3/16” thick instead of 1/8”.  Mainly for Read more about Reversing Lever Et Al……[…]