You Have One New E-Mail…..

And there it was, the email we had all been waiting for, the official blessing to start testing the 7¼” Circuit ‘C’!

Almondell Track ‘now ready to go’  Sender: ESME Secretary                    13th July at 8:07pm

Hello Members,

I am pleased to tell everyone that circuit ‘C’ has been completed with all the required ballast and the track is now ready for testing.

From this Sunday 15th July, members are welcome to bring their locos to help test the track, but before you all rush to Almondell this Sunday, please read the information below so that you will be fully prepared.

1 – It is for members only at this stage. No visiting locomotives, large groups AND NO PUBLIC RUNNING  

2 – Remember, it is for 7 1/4″ gauge locos only.  Other track gauge circuits are not ready.

3 – A tail lamp or End of Train Indicator must be displayed at the rear of the locomotive or the rear of the last vehicle.

4 – There are no steaming bays or unloading/loading facilities. You will need to bring your own method/ equipment to unload your loco.

5 – A temporary ramp has been constructed which you can use to unload/ load your loco.  Please be careful if you use the ramp as it is not bolted down.

6 – At present there is only one completed passing loop and this is at the station.  The second loop should be completed shortly, but presently it is to be treated as a siding.

7 – Although there is a water supply on site, there are no water points around the track so bring a large container / watering can for water. 

8 – Bring a piece of sheet metal which you can put under your loco when you are stopped to protect the plastic sleepers from the firebox heat / hot coals.

9 – Please sign in when you arrive. In the same folder there are track report forms and a map of track ‘C’ to pinpoint snagging locations.

10 – If you feel something needs attention, please log the details on the track report forms.  Please do not attempt to fix any of the snags yourself.  Just log the details and the Thursday / Saturday working parties will attend to them.

11 – You will need to bring some coal if your locomotive is steam powered.  Have fun.





Almondell Track Today         Sender: ESME Secretary                    15th July at 9:39pm

Hello Members,

Just to report that the first run of locomotives on the ‘C’ circuit today was very successful.  The opinion from the drivers was that the track is good with no sensation of leaning in either direction.  There are as you would expect a few snags to sort out, but all is well for further track running next Sunday.

There were three locomotives testing the track and a radio controlled ‘G’ scale train was spotted on the other track running along side by side with the big locos. 









Video of the above locomotives running

Video from the footplate of ‘Lion’


Thanks to everyone involved with this super project which has made the impossible possible with such dedication and commitment. WELL DONE INDEED.