Week ending 8th July

The weather today was much better than forecast which allowed outside panel construction to continue all day.  Panel 8 of circuit B was finished and laid in place by mid afternoon and a start made on a further Oban panel to close the gap in circuit C.

The remaining large trees on Circuit C near the west junction were felled and logged in the morning.  The tractor and trailer were used to move these logs and all day with the digger being used to load them due to the weight.  In the morning the east curve of circuit A/B was cleared of logs before the operation moved to the newly felled trees in the west and a large number of heavy logs which have lain nearby for over a year.  There was the inevitable fire to dispose of the small branches.



Surveying continued all day, a ballast delivery was received in the afternoon, and the curved edge boards were installed on the south side of circuit C between the two road crossings.

Not quite what was planned so we will return to the other work planned for the east A/B curve next week.


Six members were out for their shift today, with four visiting members, delivering.

The tasks were, strimming the outside perimeter,

surveying for GPS location and future reference points,

stump removal,


with a small amount of log removal and a certain amount of levelling with the ‘walking’ roller.


Certain track routes were wet under foot, from previous days downpours.

A pleasant working day with dry, mild, mostly sunny conditions.