Week ending 7th Jan


The hard frost put paid to any work on the track formation so attention was turned to other tasks.  This occupied two of the tractors for most of the day while the tractor/trailer was used to bring up logs and roots from the west end.





Clearance and burning was carried out in two key areas, particularly on the route of the east “Newliston” curves.  At the east end of the tunnel a good amount of digging and spoil shifting was done in preparation for a blockwork extension –





while down to the west preparatory work was done for re-pegging the 5″ reversing loops.





This is to ensure they tie in correctly with the 5″/3.5″ track formation.  Before most people had arrived Paul N had already cut 50 further posts for marking out.   A good start to the year with a turn out of 11.



Nine helpers in attendance, including one new prospective member, Lennart from Denmark (he’s the one the left).





Mostly blaesing / ballasting the east curve to the station area, using up the remainder of stocks.





Continued decoration of the ‘Ticket Office’.





Further attention was made to the east side of the tunnel, in preparation for shuttering, as was done to the bridge, prior to a concrete fill. 





Making easy access, to allow the water pipe contractors, Advance Untilities, to commence their task, of bringing a supply to the site.

An overcast and dry day but not particularly cold.