Week ending 6th May


  – after an early delivery of re-enforcing mesh for the road crossing more US section rail for circuit B was taken down from stores.  The crossing was built up over the day, firstly with the cutting and fitting of the mesh, then positioning of the rail sections and angled further shuttering.

Meanwhile the US rail skeleton panels were placed further to the east to measure the curvature of the next batch of panels.

Early afternoon the digger was used to dig out and move spoil from the “south west junction”, the spoil being moved by tractor and trailer and spread between the roadway and the 3 track section.

Elsewhere there was various works in readiness for the electricity connection and the bridge.


Nine members made an appearance on site, today.

Making final adjustments to the electric cable box cabinet in preparation to the site being connected to the National Grid.

Working to fit kerbing stones to the bridge roadway sides.


Concrete mix to some bridge features.

Tidying up level crossing after the Thurs team’s effort readiness for delivery of a concrete delivery, (fitting retaining boards and securing the track panels ).

An excellent day for working although with a small degree of east cool wind, wall to wall sunshine though.