Week ending 4th March


– the day got off to a good start with a fierce fire to burn branches down at the west end.  By mid-morning logs were being dragged out to the private road and taken by tractor trailer to the log piles via the public road.

During the afternoon a timber lorry arrived and departed with much of the timber we had amassed in the car park over the past few months.  Log extraction, and felling, continued until the end of the day by which time a ton or two had been piled again.


Another truck arrived during the day with 18 tons of ballast which was carefully dropped in (and in front of) the concrete sleeper- bounded enclosure.  (The driver reckoned it would hold 10 tons)

Elsewhere surveying and pegging continued and 4 further concrete sleepers were carefully laid in to extend the height separation “wall” where the first circuit rises above circuits 1 and 2.