Week ending 3rd June


In the morning the Comrie panels stored outside were moved with the help of the digger from the outside assembly area to beside the containers.

In the afternoon work was done to remove material from the intended location of the south west junction.


In parallel panel assembly continued for circuit B, a start was made on the first point for Circuit B and more bridge work was done in advance of the next phase of concreting.




Five members on site.

Digger and dumper in use preparing area for larger containers.

Bridge work in preparation of a possible visit from a brick layer.

I met with a previous member who seemed keen enough to re-join, I showed him round the site since this was his first visit. Took some pics, including the wild life.


Planted some wild Bluebell bulbs and noticed the growth of plant life on the embankments.


Weather was dry, sunny and mild.