Week ending 29th April


 – first thing, two deliveries of blaes arrived, one of which was spread and rolled round the east A/B curve by the end of the afternoon.  The task was made a little difficult by the coarseness of the material but the formation is now much more recognisable as such.

More work was done on the first road crossing. The likely alignment of the road was pegged out north of the crossing to locate the lateral position of the road more accurately. The Oban panel to the east side was then shortened to ensure the heavy Comrie crossing sections would protrude out both sides of the roadway.  The Comrie sections and subsequent “panels” were then moved along to suit.

During the morning a bundle of the new US section rail was lifted out of store.  In the afternoon this was used to make 8 off 20 foot long skeleton panels for the 5″/7¼” B circuit.  This allowed measurements to be taken of the curvature so that rails of suitable relative length can be cut next week for all 8 panels.



Eight on site, on ballast laying, preparatory work at the level crossing and water pipe digging / laying.

The concrete sleeper section was ballasted up to the start of the tunnel bend.

This was also vibrated, along with fine tune levelling, back to the ballast storage area.


A fine bucket was in use, with J.R.’s digger, making a nice neat trench. This stretched from the end of the four track siding, back to the road and level crossing areas.


Five water tap sites were selected with enough ‘T’ fittings.


This full section was back-filled and roughly levelled, being careful not to disturb the recently placed edging boards.


Meanwhile as much ballast was delivered by dumper as necessary after the required membrane had been put down.

Both tractor, dumper and small digger were in use, along with the ‘navvy’ squad and their wheel barrows, not forgetting the use of hand tools.

Baillie was keeping an eye on things and helping to keep things and helpers, moving !!


She was so involved at one stage she was actually in the trench, trying to pull the freshly laid water pipe, out – daft dug.

She had been given an off cut of pipe to occupy her so that might have led to her confusion?

Lastly, our deer donated by our friens in Livingston Rotary Club, wood like a name!! Suggestions please.

S & P