Week ending 28th Jan


 – the excitement of the morning was the arrival of an artic with the 1.2 ton bundle of new rail for circuit B.  This was stored away before lunch and will allow us to lay around 700 feet of the “Newliston” 5/7.25″ circuit before we disrupt Newliston.  Being new rail it will allow relatively quick construction of track panels and form more than 50 % of the first overall 5″ circuit. All we need now is a supply of plastic for the sleepers and or course screws.


The day also saw the felling of quite a few trees, some fairly large, which were in the way of the cutting west of the tunnel. By the end of the day some heavy logs had been dragged out but there are quite a bit more to tackle.  In the afternoon yellow topped 2 metre-offset pegs were placed round various routes, including the small 5″ reversing loop.  A location for a 5″/3.5″ refuge loop was identified.  Finally much of the centre line of the larger reversing loop was pegged out and the line of the future dual-seven inch section identified.  The need to do this now is to get the heavy timber and debris out while we can do so without damaging previously finished sections of the 5″ circuit.

Back at the “workshop” Oban rail ends  were prepared and fitted to the Comrie rail crossing  across the road to the steaming lies.  With the new crossing already finished on Saturday this is going well.  Just need to get the 8 turn outs needed for this area started soon.



Seven members on site today, with Paul’s tractor, James’ tractor and the dumper all fired up and tractors performing well. The weather was driech  cold, wet, overcast and once more, muddy under foot.

The small tractor and trailer were conveying logs from beyond the tunnel to the yet again increasing log pile. Lesser abled were moving smaller materials / brush in preparation for burning at two sites close by and when weather conditions allowed, particularly wind direction.

Various discussions on site plans were discussed and with the great possibility of the use of free plant hire, it was important to know what and by whom the equipment was getting used and for what purpose.

An attempt at fixing the dumper’s accelerator connections found that a replacement spring was required along with a bit machine work to make a bush but for completion, another time.

The plan to do a bit welding, didn’t happen, since we were all finding conditions beginning to deteriorate and the rain was turning to sleet. Even the thought of a fresh cup of ‘Char’ was declined on the grounds we could all have one in more amenable domestic surroundings, dry and warm.

A tidy up and return to security for the tools and the small tractor was loaded on it’s trailer, for it’s exit off site, along with the members.

A reasonable amount of work done, considering conditions and regrettably no pictures.