Week ending 22nd April


The digger spent the morning loading the tractor trailer with all the roots which had been piled up round circuit A/B east curve several months ago.  These were moved up to the west end of new car park.

In the afternoon the the tractor trailer, loaded by the large tractor, was used to drop blaes to start to form the east embankment of circuit A/B.

Surveying and pegging continued as usual and south boards in the three track area were realigned following damage during machine operations over the past few months.  In the afternoon the Comrie crossing sections and Oban panels were finally laid in to line and level through the crossing which will allow the shuttering for the concrete to be redone to correct line and level.



During the day the site had three very useful visitors, thanks to Peter.

Mostly concentrated around the station and platform.

Supplying blaes and type 1 prior to the levelling and vibrating before resorting to vibro-roller.

Then it was barrowing mono-blocs to the working areas.

Track edging progressed in the central track section.

Probably about 8-9 on site, can’t remember the weather but probs ok.


Apoligies for the lack of pictures this week.