Week ending 1st July


 – despite the steady downpour all day, seven members turned up and managed to have a fruitful day.

Most of the effort went into building up three 20 foot 7.25″/5″ panels for circuit B using the new US-section rail.   We now have panels built

for 200 foot of this circuit and hope to start building the first point soon. In the morning we started work in the space between the containers after rigging up a temporary canopy over the open doors.  We assembled one panel and after lunch moved into the east container where with light and a level dry floor we managed to build two curved panels from scratch.



By the end of the afternoon Paul K with some assistance had felled and logged a fair number of trees on the westward extension of the Comrie circuit.

It makes sense to do this now while we have access over the Circuit A/B track formation and it will help us get a full load of logs more quickly.  This in turn will allow us to create much needed internal work space before the winter and the arrival of the Newliston panels.



A few shots of the new mini dump truck, ideal for moving basalt into the tunnel.

About 11 on site, plenty of mechanical activity. Logging, ballasting and panelling.