Week ending 18th March


– the weather today was nowhere near as bad as forecast so we had a good day.  Early on we received a load of building supplies for use in the station area.

The main activity was the extraction of logs from the far west end.  In the course of the day eight trailer loads were taken up to the car park with most of the logs,  some of them extremely heavy,  being loaded by the mini-digger.  The pile is already looking quite respectable and a further fire helped ensure the vicinity of the western turning circle is starting to look quite tidy.


The reasonable weather allowed progress on the 3-track section where the banks were tidied up a bit and preparatory work done for laying in the next 4 concrete sleepers.  As always the surveying and pegging work continued.

A satisfying day with a good turnout.


Seven helpers out on Sat.

The new mini digger, of James,’ was brought into use and worked well, within the station platform area, an ideal width.

A trench was made for the placing of two water connections, for loco use. Three small drainage trenches were made to drain excess water, away from the station.


A levelling of the platform, which allowed membrane and type one to be barrowed, in preparation for other materials and mono-block.

A start was made to the edging boards for the next section of track work, adjacent to the work done mid week with Dale and pupils.


Weather was dry and cloudy, to begin with but turned to a few really heavy showers, later, still very wet under foot and muddy.

Good to see wild life and man’s best friend on site today.