Week ending 18th Feb


A quick inspection of the cross site road showed that repair in a day by the Thursday group was not possible.  This is really a job more suited to the Saturday gang.  Instead we set about reinstating the linking track between it and the west of the 3-track trackbed.  This took all morning but in the end we didn’t use the route for any log extraction.

However it did make the route again passable for light traffic and provided a turning point for the tractor and trailer.

During the afternoon 12 concrete sleepers were transported from the pile of 45 scrap sleepers just inside the gate to this area. These had been moved from Bo’ness on Monday.

For most of the day David H and Stewart P had worked on extending the slot eastward and towards the end of the afternoon the first concrete sleeper was laid in the slot. Because access within the site wasn’t possible David R took his Land Rover down the private road and used his winch to help Paul K fell trees round the west Comrie curve trackbed.  These are still to be extracted, hopefully next week.

With all this going on no more marking out was achieved but David N did manage to take new levels in the the new cutting.  Roddy and Peter also arrived with a trailer load of 3′ x 2′ slabs and other useful stuff having collected these from a donor.



Approx nine on site.

Digging holes to enable track inspection of water pipe in compliance of Water Board requirements.


Putting Teram down on access road through central supply road before we covered it with blaes  and rolled the surface, interesting at times.



Temporary edging boards positioned to view line of route, to confirm survey readings prior to replacing with final boards.

Removal of large stones from present car park to stock site near log piles. This in preparation to the levelling of the car park with Willie F’s large Cat.


Marking out of station area for platform ‘mono blocking’.

Repositioning of full size sleepers for a storing area for ballast, prior to the central track route being covered.

Both dumper and tractor used as required, plenty backup with manpower.

Back filling entrance-way with blaes.

Cool, mainly dry day with plenty of soft muddy ground to traverse.