Week ending 18th Dec.


Most of the smaller group today worked on the eastern curve, laying terram and ballasting the first four Comrie panels.


Meanwhile a further 8 edging boards were fitted where the first circuit will deviate at the end of the the 3-track section.  In that area the boards are well above ground level so a significant amount of infill and support will be required.  Some of this work will have to wait for the final big dig west of the tunnel.



Eight on site today.

The ticket office lining finished and the first coat of undercoat applied.

Daniel asked to make a frame, for our cabin sink unit, by his Dad, ending up with an excellent job.

Robert carried on with securing the west side edging boards.


Further blaes / ballast transported to the crossing, for onward travel by bogied wheelbarrow, to the East curve.



The ballast has nearly approached the first straight panel, off the curve, to the station.


Two visitors with trailers left a donation for the removal of logs.

Late pics taken in failing light.