Week ending 15th July


 – the main focus of today was track building.  Rails were selected for the remaining three circuit B panels to complete the slightly curving section down to the west.  The new rails all vary slightly in length and selection eliminated the need to cut any rails.  By the end of the afternoon two panels were completed and the last was set up on the bench for building next week.


A further full panel and two short panels for circuit C were also built and in late afternoon pegging for circuits A and B was extended back towards the 3-track area.  Two further rails were rolled for the track off to the steaming lie and measurements were taken for the associated curved point. Next week the rolls will be swapped to allow US section rail to be rolled for the east A/B curve.

A load of blaes arrived during the morning and the tractor/shovel assisted by moving roots to the edge of the south car park.  Down to the west further tidying and burning was done near the west junction.



An overcast, dry very mild day produced 8 active members.

The main functions being delivering / levelling blaes around the crossing area, prior to ballasting.

Rolling, before trialling with track material for alignment.


Measurements taken with our loaned ‘posh’ digital equipment.


Delivering large sleepers to the next point of the curve.


Filling in pot holes with blaes on the track bed.


Very wetting rain drew the day’s work to a timely finale.

Final session for pics / report. On hols 21 Jul – 5 Aug