Week ending 15th April


The blaes under the steaming lie road crossing was replaced with type 1 to give a better bed prior to concreting.   In the four track section a temporary centre board was fitted to allow the blaes to be levelled more accurately.


The digger was used to gather in various roots two of which were very large indeed and presented a challenge for the small digger.

During the day there was more tidying and burning in the area in front of the containers and late on the day a small start was made on moving Comrie panels from the intended outside work area.

Today saw the last of the concrete sleeper edgings laid – the shape of the C circuit curve is now obvious and it is looking good.


10 on site today, assisting with tasks.

The platform had been completed yesterday and all the mono – blocs put into final positions.

Progress with blaes, was being made towards the central bridge route, through the trees.

Edging boards were also appearing amass, along the four track section.

Surveying for the improved drainage route through the central area was being carried out, as well as checking for track laying route.

Excellent work by the team on a very cold dry day. Bright with long sunny spells. Forever grateful for our meagre kettle boiling facilities attached to the mobile BBQ within the cabin. Fresh beverages, supplied as required, from our fresh water supply.

I’ve lessened the dripping tap but appears still to require further investigation and attention.