Week ending 14th


The weather turned out nowhere nearly bad as forecast but numbers were down to 8, partly in anticipation of the forecast snow.

The morning started with a delivery of blaes, some of which was put to good use on the “Newliston” track bed down to the west. Bob’s determination finally paid off in removing the last obstructive root.  A combination of lowering the formation just beyond that dropping blaes further down really started to emphasise the formation shape where the first circuit will diverge from the two “Newliston” circuits.





A good bit of route development and marking out was achieved in the day, all for the Newliston circuits and the 5″  reversing loops.  This is essential at this stage to ensure good track geometry where these segments merge into earlier track beds.  In the afternoon further trees identified for removal were felled and logged ready for hauling to the car park stacks next week.








Nine members, this Sat, with visits from Dale Lyon ( supplier of concrete beams ) Marion & Harry Lawson and one of our resident robins.  Working around the snowy / frosted ground, we tidied up the recent water pipe trench work, at the track bed and roadway.




Mark / Daniel connected up the water & waste pipes in the cabin, leaving the outside pipes open for inspection. 





Filled in the bridge ‘wings’ with our fresh supply of blaes, prior to tamping.




Checked measurements, at the station, for the platform and discussed how it was to be finished.

A lovely, cold, sunny, snow covered, January morning.