Week ending 13th May


  – first thing in the morning another load of ballast was delivered into the storage area.  During the day this was used to extend the ballasted area further west down the two track section below the concrete sleeper wall.

At the same time another group set about drilling the rails for the first dual gauge panel and Oban rails were rolled for the west curve of Circuit C.


By this time it was 12.25 and the concrete mixer truck arrived to do the pour for the east road crossing.  This took around an hour to drop and float to give a reasonable surface with few holes. The remainder of the load was used to fill up the triangles of roadway beside the new kerb stones on the bridge. Work on the crossing continued through the hot afternoon to improve the surface which was finally finished with a brush effect. Finally between 4 and 6 pm a strong whin dust mix was used to finish off the part between the rails to give an easy-to-sweep shape inside the running edges.  In the evening the cover was improved to slow down the rate of setting.


After lunch work continued on ballast dropping (till we ran out of terram) and on edge boarding, surveying, etc.

A hard but productive day.



I believe there were ten on site today, at one time or another.

The space cleared for the power connection team’s access, was back-filled with excess tree stumps from the car park.

Then a trench was made for the cabling to the club house site.

Most of the attention ended up by ballasting the station section and relaying the track panels.

A certain amount of careful fitting of fishplates now seems to be the issue preventing steady progress with the track.

The previous deliveries of ballast and readymade concrete have added to the Thursday’s team’s progress.

An overcast cool day with a hint of moisture in the air but work continued apace.