Week ending 11th Mar


 – there was a relatively small turnout this week (7) and it was decided to concentrate on clearing the felled trees from the two previous weeks work and any that may have been felled this week.

There were still a few to be felled along the proposed track and a good number of ‘leaners’ to add to the task.  Paul N’s tractor and capstan did sterling work hauling the logs to the internal roadside ready to be transported up to the car park pile.


The absence of James and his tractor and trailer meant we were unable to do this so an impressive pile of logs was built up.

Hopefully next week we will be able to use James’ equipment (including his new excavator) to move them out. Thanks to the team who put in a tremendous effort.

Paul K


Nine on site yesterday, including new member George !!

Took pics to catch up, including the flooers. Daffs were fine but crocuses seem to have been & gone.

An attempt to sook the water away from access road puddle and hopefully to find the other end of the drain, since it disappeared under the road but with no joy. Did pump a good amount out all the same.


The raking gang were employed on the car park, after the huge levelling off by Willie and his big machine, which was done with the roller. Both sides were treated and made the parking area a bit more presentable.

The ‘lone edger’ was employed in finishing off the edging boards and a certain amount of back filling was done.


The squad wheel barrowed more blaes to the section that Dale and his students will be working on and assisted his group by leaving three track panels handy and giving them an idea where they were to be laid.

Replaced the ‘chute’ for the ballast to be transferred from, in readiness for future use.

Left early to catch sight of the steam special somewhere close by and caught in near Kirknewton.