Week ending 11th Feb

This week saw extensive work being carried with large machines to excavate the cutting and remove tree stumps. Take a look at Digger Week February 2017                     


 – early on Mark and Phil took time off from earth movement and drainage operations to repair the cross-site roadway.  This allowed access once again to the west end of the site for timber operations to continue.

Several loads of logs were brought out during the day, the first of these via the private and public road.  Felling continued round the west “Comrie” curve with the Land Rover winch again put to good use to drag logs out.


In the morning the new section of tunnel pipe was offloaded using the digger which allowed the trailer to be returned over lunch time to Ernie Page who kindly lent it to us to transport the pipe.  By early afternoon the new section was in place and the tunnel was 2.8 metres longer.  On the trackbed 4 further boards were added on the north side which involved a bit of hand digging.




Approx 10 on site, with large digger and resident tractor in use.

Cutting from tunnel west being tidied up and edges secured.

Surveying done and checked.

Drain fitted and fine grains for stability.

Ground causing constant attention with digger leaving it’s mark but drivers being very attentive. 


Some edge work attempted.

Weather was cold and damp with serious soft ground under foot and machinery, rain appeared at end of major duties.