Week ending 10th June


 – a small group of 7 turned out today in rather atrocious wet weather. The heavy rain started earlier than forecast giving no time to prepare for it.

By moving the digger and trailer outside enough room was made to erect a temporary construction bench long enough for a 10 foot point.  The opportunity was taken to tidy all the rubbish off one of the benches to allow tools to be laid out and used, including the chop saw.  In the hope that others might show up the bench in the east container was also cleared; this was in fact used during the afternoon to prepare a good quantity of marker pegs of which the tops were then painted yellow or white.

Meantime throughout the soggy day the rails were cut to length for the first two Oban rail points and by late afternoon one was taking shape on the bench.  By this time water had started to flow through our “workshop” whose floor quickly turned to mud as we worked.

Late afternoon the point was moved back to the outside bench and the equipment was moved back under cover. Regrettably, no photographs were taken in this appalling weather.

A very, very wet day!


Seven turned out to help today.

A concrete delivery required a squad and the two pedestrian / viewing sections, on the bridge, were the priority.

An earlier delivery prompted a good response, with rakes being the selected tool. Surplus material didn’t go to waste. The two surfaces were polished throughout the morning and a fine job was the result.



Meanwhile I tidied out the blue container’s hand tools and made use of the doors, to hang straps and ropes – I had company!


Root clearance took place and a few gaps on the outer site edge, were attended to. Central area roots were removed to the car park rim.


A dry day was achieved with only a few rain spots causing no bother, along with a mild breeze.