Monday evening, 16th October was the eagerly anticipated auction night when members brought along surplus items to sell.  This year items ranged from an electric welder, battery power drills, paraffin heaters, machine tools through to sundry electrical items, miscellaneous nuts & bolts and old hand tools.  Even if you never use them they will come in useful!

Auctioneer Alex West did a tremendous job cajoling members to part with their money using a mixture of humour and strong persuasion.  The composition of some of the lots was quite imaginative with members going away with more than they had bid for, but at the end of the evening the total raised was in excess of £260.00 which was quite impressive.

The range of lots was quite considerable.  At the far end can be seen Paul Kingston (left) and Phil Ogden who kept a note of the bids.

Here we see the evening’s Auctioneer, Alex, on the left and on the right, Stan, who passed over the lots to the successful bidder.