Santa Success At Bo’ness

Thank you to all those members who turned out to run the ESME Santa service at Bo’ness.  Passenger numbers were very healthy as the following figures show:

W/E 25/11 – 290,  W/E 02/12 – 176,

W/E 09/12 – 293,  W/E 16/12 – 274,

and the final event which was only on Saturday 23/12 – 185

A quick tot up shows we carried just over 1200 passengers and had a number of enquiries about our activities at Almondell.  Who knows, new members?

The club locomotive performed well and thanks to those members who took time out beforehand to familiarise themselves with its quirks.

Is this Santa having a turn on the regulator?

Just to show that it was not all blue sky and low temperatures.

Paul puts on a brave face as he sets out with yet another train load!