Railway WorkX

Dale Lyons, Director of Concrete Scotland – ExpLearn has run the first two Rail WorkX events for young people to learn how the railway track is formed.  Pupils from The Braes High School and Larbert High School were on site at Almondell on the 26th & 27th constructing between 20 & 30 metres of track.

Their day started with looking at preparing an appropriate Risk Assessment and Method Statement for the work they were about to undertake.  They then moved out to the work area and proceeded to construct the track bed using Terram fabric over the Blaes to control weeds.

Next step was to collect ballast from the new ballast chute,

level and

compact it.





Then some lifting to lay the track panels into place and


to fishplate them together.



The final task was to run a test locomotive over their track.

Instructions for using ‘Scamp’ safely were provided by an experienced ESME member.

This task they probably enjoyed the most!

Joint initiatives are part of ESME’s commitment to involve the local community and to help the younger generation acquire practical engineering skills that will help them into the workplace.

Who knows, perhaps we will be inspiring the future railway builders?