March 18, 2020

Important Co-Vid19

Almondell is operating in line with the Scottish Government’s current advice for controlling the virus.

Please observe the ESME guidance specifically for Almondell. 

It is important that you continue to follow all government guidelines, social distancing, hand sanitiser, gloves etc.


As you will be aware we are all having to be careful to avoid the spread of the Corona Virus.  ESME at Almondell is currently operating under the scottish government covid guidelines.  The new site restrictions for members are as follows:

From 6pm on Friday 20th November you can only travel to Almondell from another Tier 4 area, the Scottish government post code checker can confirm your Tier.

The site is closed for a minimum 3 week period (until 11th Dec) to anyone from outside a Tier 4 area.

If you are from a Tier 4 area and coming to the site, then you can work with only one other person (unless a family) and then keep 2M away from them and all others.

If coming to site the sanitizers / cleaners must be used together with the signing in / out book in the shed.

We are still not accepting visitors from members of the public.  If you have any queries please contact us

The latest full advice can be found by clicking on the image below:

Stay safe everyone.

Click to enlarge this further information sheet.


Thank you.