May 18, 2018

Almondell Heritage Centre & Museum

It is now full speed ahead to construct the 400m² facility with workshop, large and small meeting rooms, kitchen, office, toilets, museum and /or public Area, two training rooms and a library.





Ground clearance has already started.  This picture shows the location of the building which was chosen to give excellent views of the trains in action and to be handy for access from the track.

The work described in ‘A Long Weekend‘ included preparing the site by the steaming lies for the relocation of the containers seen to the right..



August Update………….

Now you see them…….

Now you don’t!

Up, up and away!





There will be BIG changes at Almondell these coming weeks!

Here is the plan for your information:

Normal working will be taking place on the Thursday and Saturday.  Please be aware that due to the machinery and vehicle movements for everyone’s safety you should be wearing minimum hi viz vest.   If you don’t have one there are plenty on site.

Thursday 9th & Friday 10th.  There will be a digger, dumper & roller on site.  Ten loads of 6F2 are being delivered.  Five loads are being stored for road reprofiling whilst the rest are for the road to the container area and for the pads upon which the containers will sit.

Friday 10th – afternoon.  A HIAB will be on site to move the containers and the Site Welfare container.  The latter to be reconnected to water and electricity.

Saturday 11th & Sunday 12th.  Further tree removal, reprofiling of the road and the area for the building exposed.

Monday 13th to Wednesday 15th.  Sewage treatment plant and rainwater harvesting plants delivered.  Pad for the Heritage Centre & Museum is created.  Thirty-five loads of 6F2 are to be delivered & it is anticipated lorries will be arriving every hour.  Afternoon of the 15th there will be a delivery of six loads of type one for binding the building base.

Monday 20th to Friday 24th The entrance road gets properly made up.  There will be no vehicular access whilst this work is going on.

Exciting times, keep looking at this section for regular updates of progress!