Almondell’s new arrival…..

Good news for those members with 3½” gauge locomotives!  The recently uplifted circuit at Newliston has arrived at Almondell.  Already work has progressed on stacking the track panels neatly ready for relaying on the ‘A’ circuit. The points and crossings were set out in their position where the ‘A’, ‘B’ & ‘C’ circuits all come Read more about Almondell’s new arrival…..[…]

Week ending 24th June

Monday  – eight members appeared on site where a number of tasks were started and many completed. Finish off bridge pedestrian shuttering west side                                               Ffitting of single gauge point blade                                               Teram to junct and transfer of ballast by wheelbarrow.                    Read more about Week ending 24th June[…]

Week ending 17th June

Thursday  – today saw felling work restart for the steaming lie access road. On the track front, Circuit B panel assembly continued and more rails were rolled for 2 panels of Circuit C in the 4-track area. Also more progress on the first two Oban points.