A Replica of the Orrery built by the Revd. William Pearson

From South Cheshire, member Peter R. has emailed with a description & photographs of an unusual, but fascinating model he has been working on: ‘Since completing my large two cylinder marine engine a few years ago, I decided to downsize my models since the size and weight of 7¼” locos was becoming too much to Read more about A Replica of the Orrery built by the Revd. William Pearson[…]

Nixie – A Quick Project…..

Cliff H. contacted the News Desk to say: ‘I’ve been enjoying the ‘what our members are making’ section on the website.  Very nice work with Brewstina – I imagine your colleague’s daughter was delighted to receive her.  Perhaps I can contribute with an update to the Nixie Tube Clock I first showed at the 2018 Read more about Nixie – A Quick Project…..[…]

Machining ‘Big Ben’…..

Well, if that hasn’t grabbed your attention…..!  When Dave S’s email dropped into the News Desk inbox with the same title, I was intrigued.  I knew that the bell was being refurbished, I know that Dave has capacity in his workshop for large engineering, but this?  Surely not…. ‘The dome for ‘Dholphur’ which I had Read more about Machining ‘Big Ben’…..[…]