The recent fine weather has seen progress with the foundations fairly surge forward.  In the space of a week we are up to ‘gas membrane’ level…..         It’s quite exciting when one arrives to see just how far they have progressed. Watch this space!

From ‘Photoshop’ To Reality….

Never let it be said that Mark hangs back when it comes to getting the Heritage Centre & Museum building erected.  Within hours of receiving the Building Warrant the work schedule was put into action and over the past three weeks progress has been rapid.  This Thursday’s working party were impressed by the constant flow Read more about From ‘Photoshop’ To Reality….[…]

And There Let Us Wallow In Glorious Mud

Progress with the building work for the Museum and Heritage Centre has been a little slower than originally planned as there were some last minute alterations to the drawings suggested by the building control department which had to be accommodated and resubmitted and then agreed with the contractor.  However, there is still plenty of work Read more about And There Let Us Wallow In Glorious Mud[…]

If Water Runs Through It…..

From our Roving Reporter, a short progress report……. The main focus was drainage work around the perimeter of the building. This entailed the cutting and fitting of the main pipes to the septic and clean water tanks. Digging and backfilling the pipework to appropriate heights finished the work.   “What do you mean, he went Read more about If Water Runs Through It…..[…]

Architect Model?

As model engineers we like to turn our hand to most things and Robert is no exception.  The other week, taking time away from ‘Maude’, Robert decided that it would be an interesting idea to translate the 2d plans of the Heritage Centre and Museum into a 3d version.  After much drawing, precision cutting of Read more about Architect Model?[…]

What A Difference A Week Makes…..

Work started in earnest on the 9th August preparing the ground works ready for the contractor to commence building work.  Click on the images to enlarge. The first job was to assemble the kit. And was it impressive!  State of the art too, even had a key code before it would start. The second job Read more about What A Difference A Week Makes…..[…]