Never One To Miss An Opportunity…..

ENSO is an organisation which ‘helps students and adults grow and learn in a fast changing world.  As partner of schools from all over Europe Enso has become the best and most successful work experience provider agencies in the education sector’. Normally their project work is arranged in the Bristol area, but on this occasion Read more about Never One To Miss An Opportunity…..[…]

Up Or Down Hill? Paul Hicks Provides The Answer….

Gradient posts. Stick a bit of wood to a post with some nails I thought… think again. Gradient posts are signposts used on the rail network to indicate the ruling gradient to firemen and drivers. They appear beside the track and indicate the gradient and its direction (rising or falling), graphically, as a ratio. For Read more about Up Or Down Hill? Paul Hicks Provides The Answer….[…]


After a comprehensive rebuild of his locomotive, Geoff accompanied by son Andrew, took it to Almondell for a steam test and run.  We are pleased to report that it passed both with flying colours. Looking resplendent in the maroon livery ‘Sybil’ brightened up what was a rather dull & damp day. Pressure nearly at blowing Read more about ‘Sybil’[…]