August Update

A busy month!

The arrival and installation of the fourth and final tunnel section brings the length to a respectable 20 metres.

The layout of the west curve of Circuit C was finalised with the help of three temporary 50 foot radius panels, and attention given to the westward extension from the point of the final “Comrie” Circuit D.  It made sense to do the latter now while we have ready access for machinery.

Other work on Circuit C included making and fitting the blades to the two “Oban” rail points and fish-plating the “Oban” rail straight.

Jeremy started to work his way through the fish-plating issues on the Circuit C “Comrie” section.  The rails for this had been selected on the basis of length and curvature whereas the important factor is rail profile; as a result many joints are having to have special fishplates made to ensure a level top and no horizontal offset.  in future for Circuit D the primary consideration will be rail section.


In parallel with this good progress has been made on Circuit B, the dual 7¼”/5″ circuit.   We rolled 27 by twenty foot lengths of US section rail for the east curve and the design of the east junction was progressed.

A start was made on the first two US rail points following the receipt of eight castings from Ballantines in Bo’ness.  Three straight panels were built up for use later on the two-track bridge.  The loops for this circuit will be to the east of the east curve;  Most of the required tree felling was completed and the logs have subsequently been removed.

To the east the west curve of Circuit A was re-pegged to allow for a refuge loop and this was subsequently cleared and dug out.

In the north car park the site for the second 40 foot container was surveyed and prepared and adjacent timber piles removed while still accessible.  The area just north and opposite the containers was tidied up greatly and various roots, some very large, were extracted from around the site.

Survey work continued with Mark doing a comprehensive survey using a Total Station package.  As a result we now have a very accurate mapping of where everything is.